Top Trends in Bridal Fashion

Bridal fashion in 2016 came with the newest and most attractive wedding dresses, showcasing a lot of innovation and creativity along the way. highlights some magnificent works of popular designers that became trend setters this year. Some of the main trends in bridal fashion include:

Pretty Pink ColorwdfwaEsdcfSdvfaWDFe

The pink color has grown into the bridal fashion industry and gained a lot of popularity this year. It is the reigning supreme color choice as far as non-white dresses are concerned. The variation in color intensity makes it more interesting, ranging from blush color to the lightest of pink. The designs range from ombre dessert-like layers to embroider floral, ensuring that the options are unlimited, and making the pink color a trend in bridal fashion.


Laces have always been a mainstay for bridal gowns, but the innovations that are growing with it have made it shine in the limelight a lot more in 2016. The dresses are designed more laid back, different from the traditional silhouettes that were common in wedding dress materials.

Extravagant veils and trains

These are the two classic elements of wedding dresses that have stood the test of time, and continue to be major trends even in 2016. Most of the designers are using more material to give the trains and veils more character. The trains range from very lengthy ones, such as those seen at some royal weddings, to the shorter church length.

Sheer elements

Showing a little skin usually pays off, especially when it is done tastefully. A majority of wedding designers are using beautiful sheer elements such as see-through embroidered dresses and tops or embellished modesty cutout panels.

Off the shoulder

The off the shoulder design has been trending for quite a while now, and it is no different in 2016. Most of the prominent dresses are using the shoulder –baring style, a modification of the traditional open neckline to cutouts.


Capes are not so new to the bridal fashion, but they are lately having a big moment. The designs that come for the capes in this year are amazing, guaranteeing to suit the taste of anyone. Perhaps that is the reason as to why they are trending that much.

Detachable elements

Wedding dresses look stunning but come with many limitations. Sitting, dancing, or only using the bathroom can be quite a challenge. This year has brought many changes to the bridal fashion regarding functionality and practicality, by adding convertible and detachable elements. It is the new trend of this year.