Top Styles in Men’s Hoodies 2016

A hoodie is a must have clothing and fashion accessory for fall and winter season. You can pair it up with your favorite jeans or even your running pants and you are good to go. The days of the oversized ill-fitted hoodies are gone. These days some of the best slimmer and fitting versions have hit the market and can take you on an errand in style. You can even wear Mens Tall Hoodies & Crews Australia | Plus 2 Clothing to the gym and workout in the latest fashion. Here are the Top Styles in Men’s Hoodies 2016.

Popular Styles

Zip-up Hoodiesbjgjuzxvcfbxhiuhl

Zip-up hoodies are an ultimate comfort fashion clothing of this year. You can easily put it on with your favorite jeans to go out and about. No need to fuss with what to wear this fall or winter. Just grab your hoodie and you are good to go.

Drawstring Hoodies

Hoodies with drawstring hoods are all the rage this season. You can wear this to the gym or while working out. You can even wear this while out on a run in the chilly mornings.

Fleece Hoodie

You can get a Fleece pullover hoodie for the times when it’s too cold to walk outside with just a cut-off or a t-shirt. The fleece feels amazing on the skin in winter and provides you warmth and comfort. You can quickly throw on this comfortable hoodie and you are ready to go.

Mountain Hoodie

Mountain hoodies are fitted tops and are a perfect layer for adventures outdoors like camping, hiking or snow sports. The hood in mountain hoodies is slim so it can be worn comfortably under a snowboard helmet or a ski helmet. Moreover, the fabric of the mountain hoodie dries up quickly, so it helps in keeping moisture away from your body.

Hoodie Fans

Some hoodies feature your favorite football or basketball team’s logo. These hoodies offer a sense of style and comfort along with loyalty to your favorite team. What better way to make friends then guys who happen to be wearing the hoodie of your favorite team too. Now you can wear a hoodie with pride!

Hoodies with Pockets

Another fashion is hoodies with pockets. Rarely do we see fashion which is practical, but regarding hoodies, fashion seems to be getting better and more convenient. With the pocketed hoodies you can easily throw your keys and wallet and head out the door. Plus these ae available in a wide range of colors and styles.

InsujsDFcADfcwadfgyugyglated Hoodies

Insulated hoodies are warm and toasty. This type of hoodie is perfect for the chilly winter days. It will keep you warm and protected from the chilly winds and is super comfortable at the same time. It is the perfect attire for your outdoor runs or hikes in winters.

Cartoon Hoodies

Hoodies with cartoon characters on them are not just limited to kids now. Bring out your inner child and wear the hoodies with your favorite childhood cartoon character. Personally, our favorite this season is the Mickey Mouse Hoodie.