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Choosing the Best Serger Machine

Serger sewing machines are also referred to as overlocking sewing machines. Unfortunately, most these units are either misunderstood or unknown to many beginners. Ideally, this machine can trim and enclose a seam in a single step. To achieve this, you only need to determine the width and density you will be using in your project. When shopping for this unit, it is imperative to shop for a unit that will meet the demands of your Job.

When shopping for a Serger, you will realize that wider and denser options are relatively expensive. However, if you are willing to invest in the best serger machine, it is advisable to spend more. Your decision to spend more on this unit will pay off handsomely.

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Thread options

Thread options are an important consideration to make before investing in this sewing machine. Mot brands available today offer 2/3/4 option. This allows you to choose a particular thread option. There are some that offer either 3-4, 2-5 and 5-8. For household applications, a 2/3/4 is a good choice whereas the 5-8 machine used in commercial applications.


The Serger machine chosen should have a differential speed option. This allows you to handle different jobs based on their individual attributes. For instance, you can significantly increase the feed rates when working on light fabrics and adjust it accordingly when working on heavier and dense materials. Besides, you can also buy a machine with the standard feed rate.

Why Serger Machines?


Serger machines are very versatile units. This makes them ideal for different types of projects. However, this machine cannot satisfactorily replace the conventional sewing machines on its own it can complete a project on its own. Besides, depending on the model chosen, you can incorporate distinct stitch styles and a variety of classic edge finishes.


This unit is meant to cut and encase raw edges and to impart a professional touch. A Seger allows one to create lettuce edges, ruffles, pearl, and edge finish along with other professional edge finishes.

Expand skills

scvfbzgv zSerger machines are easy to use. In this regard, they are left to beginners. With continued use and usage of various machine settings, it becomes progressively easy to learn. Besides, this machine offers a good platform for individuals with an interest in learning how to use other machines.

If you are looking for sewing machine you can use for special purposes every day, the Serger is a good option. Serger machines are easy to use and offer a list of other operational benefits.