How To Select The Best Wedding Ring

Wedding rings come in a wide variety of material, size, and style. Just as the gem on the ring is important so is the metal used to make it. Whether it is gold, platinum, silver or titanium, the ball is in the couple’s cot to decide what’s best for them. All the market does is provide the options from which a couple gets to select according to how they have themed their big day. For this reason, an expert, like a wedding planner may come in handy to guide them in making the right choice if they are uncertain of what exactly to go for.

The wedding ring

hjhjd74When it comes to weddings, the ring has to be the top priority and a couple can wear the best wedding rings and look elegant and even after everything, they become an important accessory besides binding the two for eternity. The material used in making the rings has to be outstanding and many couples over the years have gone for the traditional golden wedding bands most of which are usually plain.

Designs and styles

The market has come up with some ways to decorate them by incision to create grooves that are good alike when left with the depressions or filled up with precious stones to elevate it’s appearance. One thing to consider is that for the male spouse, the design is different from the female’s wedding band. Ladies are more sophisticated, so the ring needs to have detail. It is why most rings worn by women usually have precious stones embedded on them.

Gold rings

Gold is versatile, and because it is very soft to be used solely to make jewelry, it is combined with other metals to enhance its durability bringing about different varieties of gold identified by their colors; yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold. The most popular one is yellow gold. Alloying of gold is what makes it more attractive. White gold rings, for instance, gives a reflective appearance and even more interesting; it is resistant to scratches and tarnishing. However, over time it wears out and thus requires re-plating which is an extra cost.


hdhjd74Platinum is the best option for wedding rings. It has a cool luster which makes it ideal for most weddings to add a tinge of elegance. Being a naturally white metal, it helps showcase the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds, and its density provides a secure setting for holding them(diamonds) in place. This could be a great choice for any spouse as it is durable and does not change color over time meaning it does not need re-plating in future. Besides, there no risks involved regarding irritation for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic.


Tips For Buying The Best Shoes for all day standing

Working for long hours while standing, requires a careful selection of the right shoes. Investing in the right pair of shoes which is comfortable will help to keep feet and back pains at bay. It is possible to get the best shoes for standing all day on 888 Sneaker Street at a fair price. It is not worth to compromise on health where it is simple to prevent it. Buying such a pair of shoe requires some consideration as discussed below.

Tips for buying the best shoes for all day standing

Check the features

One of the best features of such a pair of shoes is the support to the foot through dsfsfsdfsdfsfexcellent cushioning. Well padded shoes will give a soft feel to the feet all day long as they carry the whole body’s weight. Check for low heeled pair and not the completely flat one. Some may wonder why not flat! Completely flat shoes do not provide the required arch support the body needs during the standing posture.

Check the shape

Comfort is the key point. The shape must offer comfort as the priority. Shoes with a thin heel or pointed front may be fancy for ladies but do not provide the best ergonomics for the feet to be comfortable. Any little discomfort makes the day unproductive as well. Buy shoes where your feet fit well without them being tight. The heel needs to be flat and wide to offer a broad base contact either ground.

Breathable and light weight

gdfgfdgdfgdfgdfgWorking all day standing means wearing shoes from the beginning of the shift until the end. Therefore, they must be light in weight and can breathe easily. This will assist when making movements here and there. Shoes that are heavy poses risk to the legs. If they cannot breathe, the sweat can cause a burning sensation or even feet complications. Pick shoes with little holes on top near the front or a cloth lining to allow enough air circulation.

Shop in the evening

Feet are usually swollen after a long day standing at work. This is the best time to shop for your next pair of working shoes. The reason is simple. When you fit the shoes at this time, then you are sure that they will be comfortable all day at work. On the other hand, doing it in the morning when the feet are relaxed can cause discomfort once they swell later in the day.


Top Styles in Men’s Hoodies 2016

A hoodie is a must have clothing and fashion accessory for fall and winter season. You can pair it up with your favorite jeans or even your running pants and you are good to go. The days of the oversized ill-fitted hoodies are gone. These days some of the best slimmer and fitting versions have hit the market and can take you on an errand in style. You can even wear Mens Tall Hoodies & Crews Australia | Plus 2 Clothing to the gym and workout in the latest fashion. Here are the Top Styles in Men’s Hoodies 2016.

Popular Styles

Zip-up Hoodiesbjgjuzxvcfbxhiuhl

Zip-up hoodies are an ultimate comfort fashion clothing of this year. You can easily put it on with your favorite jeans to go out and about. No need to fuss with what to wear this fall or winter. Just grab your hoodie and you are good to go.

Drawstring Hoodies

Hoodies with drawstring hoods are all the rage this season. You can wear this to the gym or while working out. You can even wear this while out on a run in the chilly mornings.

Fleece Hoodie

You can get a Fleece pullover hoodie for the times when it’s too cold to walk outside with just a cut-off or a t-shirt. The fleece feels amazing on the skin in winter and provides you warmth and comfort. You can quickly throw on this comfortable hoodie and you are ready to go.

Mountain Hoodie

Mountain hoodies are fitted tops and are a perfect layer for adventures outdoors like camping, hiking or snow sports. The hood in mountain hoodies is slim so it can be worn comfortably under a snowboard helmet or a ski helmet. Moreover, the fabric of the mountain hoodie dries up quickly, so it helps in keeping moisture away from your body.

Hoodie Fans

Some hoodies feature your favorite football or basketball team’s logo. These hoodies offer a sense of style and comfort along with loyalty to your favorite team. What better way to make friends then guys who happen to be wearing the hoodie of your favorite team too. Now you can wear a hoodie with pride!

Hoodies with Pockets

Another fashion is hoodies with pockets. Rarely do we see fashion which is practical, but regarding hoodies, fashion seems to be getting better and more convenient. With the pocketed hoodies you can easily throw your keys and wallet and head out the door. Plus these ae available in a wide range of colors and styles.

InsujsDFcADfcwadfgyugyglated Hoodies

Insulated hoodies are warm and toasty. This type of hoodie is perfect for the chilly winter days. It will keep you warm and protected from the chilly winds and is super comfortable at the same time. It is the perfect attire for your outdoor runs or hikes in winters.

Cartoon Hoodies

Hoodies with cartoon characters on them are not just limited to kids now. Bring out your inner child and wear the hoodies with your favorite childhood cartoon character. Personally, our favorite this season is the Mickey Mouse Hoodie.


Taking Care Of Acne Prone Skin

Taking extra special care of your skin is one of the downsides of having acne. As you most probably already know, several factors have made your skin different from those with normal skin. Experts recommend that you should treat your skin with a little more caution and care if you suffer from acne. Here are a few useful tips you can use to gently help treat your breakouts to prevent them from getting worse.

If you want more vibrant and healthier looking skin, then choose the best acne treatment products for teens. There are several habits that you will need to develop, however. Here are just a few of them you can start using right now:

How To Take Care Of Acne Prone Skin

Wash your skin very gently with natural skin-care products.

Many gentle facial cleansers and soaps are sdfsdfdgdfgdmild and can cleanse your skin gently. Toners are never on the list as they usually have active ingredients that can worsen or irritate your zits. If you need to use a skin toner or other cleanser, make sure your dermatologist approves of it for your skin, otherwise you might regret it the morning after.

Other facial cleansing products you should stay away from are skin scrubs as they can do harm to your skin. If you scrub too hard, you can permanently scar your skin or make some of your spots start to bleed. They will then just take longer to heal, and you will be more tempted to touch your face with your fingers that are covered in bacteria and can make things worse.

Men need to shave very carefully.

sdfdfgdgdfgdfgFor men, who need to shave off the hairs on their face, it is advisable to shave very carefully and cautiously and to use shaving cream or soap that is mild and created for sensitive skin. These products will help to make the hair softer and cut easier. Be sure to choose the best shaver you can that will provide the least amount of irritation to your skin.

Carefully choose cosmetics.

Your cosmetics need to be picked just are careful as your other skin-care products. And again, you should get your dermatologist’s approval before you use any that you are unsure about or even ask for their recommendation. Choose cosmetics that are oil free and noncomedogenic. There are some acne conditions where the use of cosmetics is not a good idea. It is wise just to leave your skin the way it is if this is the case.


Tips On Choosing Acne Treatment Creams

Acne is a prevalent skin condition that affects the lives of many people all over the globe. Individuals with this disease experience some irritation in the skin, which is accompanied by some blackheads or red bumps. As such, their natural beauty is affected in a way. Thankfully, it can be treated using acne treatment creams. It may take some time, but you will get rid of it. Most importantly, you need to get the right cream.

Tips on how to choose acne treatment creams:

Understand Your Conditionqwdfcwddadc

Before choosing the right kind of acne treatment creams, you have to determine your skin type. The treatment will largely depend on the type of skin you have. All of us have different kinds of skins. They vary because of reasons like heredity, age and the kind of environment in which one grew up. It is imperative that your skin always stays hydrated.

Otherwise, your skin may get damaged, and you may develop a severe form of acne. Hence, choosing the right kind of cream is vital. After you have determined the nature of your skin, you have to determine the nature of the acne from which you are suffering. You may have painful reddish bumps or blackheads. You can also have a combination of the two.

The kind of acne treatment by your skin type

  1. Hydrated Oily skiqdadcfdafcadqdn: If you have this type of skin, then you should go for creams with a significant content of salicylic acid. It will help you to get rid of acne, without hurting your skin.
  2. Dehydrated oily skin: In case you have dehydrated oily skin, you should again go for a cream having a high content of salicylic acid, but make sure that the concentration is low. Otherwise, your skin may get dry, which can cause further problems.
  3. Dry skin: In the case of dry skin, it will be best to for a thick cream. Also, try to use a moisturizer along with the cream. Both units work well together and will get rid of the acne fast.
  4. Sensitive Skin: In the case of sensitive skin, you should always go for an acne cream which has a very low concentration. Otherwise, it may increase the oil production and will make the condition worse.

Buying the Right Cream

When your skin is at stake, so you should always go for medicated or genuine brands. They should have ingredients, which work well, and are safe as well. Getting the best product requires you to reading the respective Acne Products Review. It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before choosing an acne treatment cream.


Top Trends in Bridal Fashion

Bridal fashion in 2016 came with the newest and most attractive wedding dresses, showcasing a lot of innovation and creativity along the way. HeartOverHeels.com highlights some magnificent works of popular designers that became trend setters this year. Some of the main trends in bridal fashion include:

Pretty Pink ColorwdfwaEsdcfSdvfaWDFe

The pink color has grown into the bridal fashion industry and gained a lot of popularity this year. It is the reigning supreme color choice as far as non-white dresses are concerned. The variation in color intensity makes it more interesting, ranging from blush color to the lightest of pink. The designs range from ombre dessert-like layers to embroider floral, ensuring that the options are unlimited, and making the pink color a trend in bridal fashion.


Laces have always been a mainstay for bridal gowns, but the innovations that are growing with it have made it shine in the limelight a lot more in 2016. The dresses are designed more laid back, different from the traditional silhouettes that were common in wedding dress materials.

Extravagant veils and trains

These are the two classic elements of wedding dresses that have stood the test of time, and continue to be major trends even in 2016. Most of the designers are using more material to give the trains and veils more character. The trains range from very lengthy ones, such as those seen at some royal weddings, to the shorter church length.

Sheer elements

Showing a little skin usually pays off, especially when it is done tastefully. A majority of wedding designers are using beautiful sheer elements such as see-through embroidered dresses and tops or embellished modesty cutout panels.

Off the shoulder

The off the shoulder design has been trending for quite a while now, and it is no different in 2016. Most of the prominent dresses are using the shoulder –baring style, a modification of the traditional open neckline to cutouts.


Capes are not so new to the bridal fashion, but they are lately having a big moment. The designs that come for the capes in this year are amazing, guaranteeing to suit the taste of anyone. Perhaps that is the reason as to why they are trending that much.

Detachable elements

Wedding dresses look stunning but come with many limitations. Sitting, dancing, or only using the bathroom can be quite a challenge. This year has brought many changes to the bridal fashion regarding functionality and practicality, by adding convertible and detachable elements. It is the new trend of this year.


Are you looking for wire-free maternity bras?

For many a mom-to-be, the defining moment comes at around the 16th week of pregnancy. That’s when the breasts start to outgrow your carefully-selected sleek and sexy bras, in preparation for their breastfeeding duties. When your fashion undergarments are no longer able to provide the support and comfort you need as a mom to be, it is time to buy a maternity bra.

There is a wide variety of maternity bras available out there providing the support you need without compromising on the sexiness you desire. These include wire-free maternity bras that are ideal for making you feel supported, comfortable and confident through the various stages of pregnancy and post birth.

Why Go For Wire-free Maternity Bras?

gfasysahgsasaAlso known as soft-cup bras, wire-free bras do not have the underwire sewn in under each cup. These undergarments are made of fabric to offer support to the breasts. They come in a broad array of styles and colors to suit different tastes and preferences. During pregnancy, many healthcare providers will recommend that you avoid underwired bras. Wired undergarments can not only be uncomfortable but could also hinder the growth of the breast tissue.

A well-fitting, fully supportive wire-free bra can also allow your breasts to maintain their shape throughout the various stages of your pregnancy and nursing. However, it is always best to make sure you get the right size since it is not a good idea to wear a wire-free bra that is too tight and squeezes you, either.

Benefits of Wire-free Maternity Bras

Comfort is one of the main benefits of wearing a wire-free maternity bra, and it’s the main reason so many expectant mothers choose these bras as opposed to their underwired counterparts. Wire-free bras offer an average level of support for all kinds of breasts. Since there is no wire to break or bend, wire-free bras tend to last longer and can also be easier to clean. In addition, they are more flexible than underwired bras, which makes them extremely comfortable and supportive for pregnant and nursing mothers who tend to have tender and sensitive breasts.

Shopping for Maternity Bras

gfasgfsa65ahgaaWire-free maternity bras are available in women’s clothing stores, lingerie stores, box stores and department stores. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can also find a wide range of these bras at more affordable prices online. There are many reputable online stores that offer a huge selection of wire-free bras in any price range. Once you find a good online store, you will be able to find quality bras that suit your needs.


Know the reasons you should use a beard oil

You may think that you have everything that you need to trim and shape your beard, but if you only have a comb and a razor, then these tools are not enough. Take note that you also have to take care of the beard itself. And this is when Ritual Beard Products come into play.

Beard oil

What is a beard oil? It is a cosmetic product that is used by men to moisturize their beards as well as the skin underneath. Basically, it imitates the functions of the natural oils that is produced by the human body; one of which is Sebum. Aside from this function, it also serves as a styling agent.


Take a look at the reasons why you should start using a beard oil.

1. Moisturizer

Facial hair is coarser than those that you have on your head. Therefore, you should find a way in which you can make them feel softer. With this, using a beard oil will help a lot since it is made up of natural ingredients such as castor, almond, and argan oil among others. Like what was mentioned earlier, this product mimics the natural oils, and so, you can expect your beard to become silkier and more appealing.

The skin beneath your facial hair will also benefit from the useful ingredients of beard oil. So, make sure that you massage the oil gently into your skin. You will also be able to avoid dandruff or flakes as well as itching.

2. Scent

Most beard oils that you can find on the marketplace are packed with essential oils and Vitamin E which can give a good scent. You no longer have to wear an after-shave or cologne. Depending on your preference, you can choose from the essential oils like cedarwood, sandalwood, lime, and much more. All of which can provide you with an appealing masculine scent.


3. Styling agent

When you use a beard oil, it will be a lot easier for you to manage and style your facial hair. You can comb it in any way you want without worrying about a stray hair.

4. Avoid irritation

When your facial hair is moisturized through the use of beard oil, you will also benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties. This takes care of any irritation and itchiness.

The benefits of beard oil are so many. Therefore, if you are one of the guys who are aiming to maintain their beards for a more masculine look, you should start using such products. But make sure that you review the ingredients of the oil first before you make a purchase.

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Choosing the Best Serger Machine

Serger sewing machines are also referred to as overlocking sewing machines. Unfortunately, most these units are either misunderstood or unknown to many beginners. Ideally, this machine can trim and enclose a seam in a single step. To achieve this, you only need to determine the width and density you will be using in your project. When shopping for this unit, it is imperative to shop for a unit that will meet the demands of your Job.

When shopping for a Serger, you will realize that wider and denser options are relatively expensive. However, if you are willing to invest in the best serger machine, it is advisable to spend more. Your decision to spend more on this unit will pay off handsomely.

Factors to Considerddvfvfvkuhjvdv

Thread options

Thread options are an important consideration to make before investing in this sewing machine. Mot brands available today offer 2/3/4 option. This allows you to choose a particular thread option. There are some that offer either 3-4, 2-5 and 5-8. For household applications, a 2/3/4 is a good choice whereas the 5-8 machine used in commercial applications.


The Serger machine chosen should have a differential speed option. This allows you to handle different jobs based on their individual attributes. For instance, you can significantly increase the feed rates when working on light fabrics and adjust it accordingly when working on heavier and dense materials. Besides, you can also buy a machine with the standard feed rate.

Why Serger Machines?


Serger machines are very versatile units. This makes them ideal for different types of projects. However, this machine cannot satisfactorily replace the conventional sewing machines on its own it can complete a project on its own. Besides, depending on the model chosen, you can incorporate distinct stitch styles and a variety of classic edge finishes.


This unit is meant to cut and encase raw edges and to impart a professional touch. A Seger allows one to create lettuce edges, ruffles, pearl, and edge finish along with other professional edge finishes.

Expand skills

scvfbzgv zSerger machines are easy to use. In this regard, they are left to beginners. With continued use and usage of various machine settings, it becomes progressively easy to learn. Besides, this machine offers a good platform for individuals with an interest in learning how to use other machines.

If you are looking for sewing machine you can use for special purposes every day, the Serger is a good option. Serger machines are easy to use and offer a list of other operational benefits.

Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Spring/summer is a very exciting season for fashion.

Spring Summer Fashion Trends (3)

After all, it is the time of the year when most designer and brands come out with their most innovative creations.

Are you interested to know the spring summer fashion trends

Then read on to find out.

  • Let’s go on a picnic

Springtime is the best time to go on a picnic.

For, you can have a picnic anywhere and be a style icon by wearing loose blanket trousers and gingham dresses.

The checkered print is definitely making a comeback. This time around though, you can see it in easy and breezy new silhouettes.

  • Let’s go back in time

Spring Summer Fashion Trends (1)The calendar says but fashion trends are actually pointing to the 1990s.

The 90s after all is a very interesting decade for fashion.

Who can forget Kate Moss with her oversized jacket and her slip and wellies? If you are in your 30s or 40s then for sure you remember Alexander Wang and his signature street style.

Now all of these 90s trends are making a comeback.

Remember that tracksuit that served as your uniform two decades ago? Now you can wear it again and be trendy.

  • Let’s go backpacking

The hottest fashion accessory for is something that is actually useful: the backpack.

The humble rucksack of course is given fashionable updates from different brands and designers such as Burberry with its embroidered canvas and nylon bags, Philip Lim and Andrea Wang who updated the traditional backpack shape and Ricky Owens with his demonstration of piggy backs.

  • Let’s embrace colors

Vivid colors will rule the runways for spring .

It would be exciting to see how designers would be able to blend all of the colors of the rainbow and more into a single style.

Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Christopher Kane and Balmain have already presented their colorful creations. And everything seems to be going well so far.

  • Let’s slip on a dressSpring Summer Fashion Trends (2)

If there is one article of clothing that you should buy or spring it is definitely the slip dress.

Yes, the slip dress is back but it is now sexier than ever.

Some of the notable pieces so far include the see-thru chiffon dress by Saint Laurent, Celine’s lingerie trimmed slinky dress and Pucci’s dress that is layered with fine knits.

Underwear becomes outerwear and the slip dress is at the forefront.

With these spring summer fashion trends it seems like it is going to be a very exciting season in the world of fashion.

7 Must have Makeup Items for Beginners

7 Must have Makeup Items for Beginners (3)

Makeup Items for Beginners

There are a lot of makeup items out there in the market and the selection process might be a daunting task for a beginner.

If you are new to make ups, you might be wondering which ones are very essential. Here are some of the must have makeup items for beginners.

  • Foundation

Foundations are very essential makeup items that you need to have. They help in evening out your skin tone, making it have a flawless complexion.

If you are do not like foundations, you can opt to have a moisturizer that will play the same role. Most of the foundations or moisturizers have instructions on how to apply them, so application should not be a problem to you.

  • Concealer

Concealer is key because it helps awaken the under eyes. It also helps eliminate any blemishes from your skin, making it to have a smooth tone.

This is more important if you have pimples or acne because concealer has the ability to hide them completely.

  • Eyeshadow palette or quad

Eyeshadow palletes are crucial to a great make up bag. You do not require to have more than one palette for your every day usage.

For a beginner, it is advisable to have an eyeshadow quad with neutral color. This will ensure that it will match with several of your clothing selections.

You can also customize your make up palette with the eyeshadow that you will use on daily basis.

  • Eyeliner

Eyeliner is essential especially for those times when you need to bump up your makeup from day to night.

The best advice is to get one that is black and in retractable pencils form.

  • Powder or brow pencil

Brows are vital enhance the look of any make up that you have.

They have the ability to make your make up look at its best.

This is why it is vital for your every day use.

7 Must have Makeup Items for Beginners (1)

  • Two lipsticks and one gloss

Gloss or lipstick is a vital makeup items for a beginner.

You need to have a few lipstick and gloss options to select depending on your level of comfort.

Make sure you have at least one lipstick shade that is unique from what you usually wear.

  • Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are great investment, but they are essential regardless of the type of makeup you apply.

Some of the brushes you need include crease blending brush, flat eyeshadow brush, angled liner brush, blush brush and beauty blender.